MQM Most Wanted Suspect Raees Mama Arrested From Karachi Airport

Raees Mama is one of the most wanted criminals and a very active member of the militant wing of Muttahida Qaomi Moment (MQM) has been arrested by Karachi police with the help of The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol). He is former In charge of MQM militant wing in Korangi Area and has been wanted on many counts of murder, extortion, and other criminal offenses.

He is also the prime suspect in attacking a police van in Chakra Goth which left 3 police officers dead and 27 others injured. He was a very famous Cop Killer. Raees mama was arrested by Interpol in January this year from Malaysia as his Red warrants were issued. SSP Korangi area Mr. Zulfiqar Mehr told in a press conference that deep investigation is going on Raees mama since his arrest in Malaysia. He was wanted on many counts of Terrorism and target killing in Karachi.

In October 2015 Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) issued non-bailable arrest warrants for him and other absconders of MQM. He was also wanted by ATC on May 12 Incident where more than 40 people were killed in Karachi and Raees Mama has more than 50 criminal cases are registered against him. he said to have very close connections with Hammad Siddiqui who is the main accused criminal in Baldia factory incident in Karachi. it is believed that in 2002, 2008, 2013 general elections he killed political rivals of MQM


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  1. nothing will happen later or sooner he will be out or remain calm in prison just like ( Ajmal Phadi) our law not exist for these people ( yes if u r bank corrupt just for 10,0000 u will behind the bar for many years…………………………………

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