Moving On: One of The Hardest Things To Do

Growing up we all face different situations, different people, different things that as time goes on we find hard to let go or forget and move on from them. Moving on for any person, regardless of personal details, always proves to be one of the hardest things to do whether they express that feeling publicly or not.

Leaving something that has secured a spot in your heart always leaves an ache behind it, it leaves a feeling of uncertainty and emptiness. The thing is, as we progress through life, we experience new things, meet new people, discover new concepts and as those new things mold us into what makes us the version of us we are today, we leave parts of us behind as we make those memories and move through life.

That part of you can never be whole again, though. Part of your heart will always be somewhere else, with someone else, something else. There are the pieces of you that will be left behind because you’ve put your whole heart into loving people and places and when you leave, part of your heart will eternally stay.

Letting Go Hard

You’ve left part of yourself in the different parts of your life. You’ve become a different version of the person you’ve left behind. Maybe that is why it is so hard for us to move on sometimes because we’ve left pieces of ourselves behind everywhere we’ve been.

You’ll not only miss the people, but you miss the person you were at that time and the place you grew to love because as a whole it will never be that way again, just like you will never be that way again.

And that’s maybe why it’s so difficult to move on, but then again those things that happen, those people that you meet, you needed to see, to hear, to endure all of that to be the you, you are today.


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