Movies With The Most Mind-Boggling Plot Twists You Need To See Right Now!

It’s movie night and you can’t decide what movie to watch with family or friends? More over you want something different from the usual story lines and boring predictable plots, don’t worry! These underrated movies will have twists so unexpected, you wouldn’t have been able to fathom it in a hundred years!

1. The Invisible Guest

This spanish murder mystery is unlike any other you have ever seen, you won’t be able to guess untill the very last second about the plot hole and when it is revealed, trust me, it will seriously blow your mind. This one has a very unique concept and the murderer truly is invisible..

2.  The Shawshank Redemption

A movie about a wrongly convicted prisoner in a jail. Although a bit dramatic and full of sorrow and life lessons, the reveal at the end about how the protagonist escaped the jail is truly a cinematic masterpiece.

3. Exam

When a company, in order to hire the best candidate for the job conducts an exam, it turns out to be a rather unusual exam with the exam paper being blank, and the candidates are stuck in room and are given clues through the room to find the answers. It turns into something truly mysterious with a psychological play at hand, where the candidates seem to be like rats in an experiment but are they?

4. 10 Cloverfield Lane

It confuses you throughout the movie whose side you want to take and who truly is the monster.

5. Enter Nowhere

It starts out as any other American movie about people deserted in a cabin in a forest, but whats actually going is something so bizarre it will make your jaw drop, especially when the characters find out about their true identities.

6. American Psycho

Full of twists and drama, again it turns out to be something you don’t think or want it to be.

7. Shutter Island

This one is truly going to play with your head for days, Leonardo Di Caprio goes to investigate a series of odd occurrences at a mental asylum at some far off island, and as he digs deeper into the clues, something is revealed about his real reason for the visit and you go like

8. Orphan

An innocent young orphan child comes to live with a family and it turns out that well she is not as innocent, yet she is not only a murderer like you would have expected but something much more truly unforeseen in a true sense.

How they come up with such unique twists I have no idea, because the secret is in front of your eyes the whole time!


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