Most Funny Videos Of Pakistani Politicians

Heres the video of some of our politician’s funny videos when they didn’t realize what they have said.

  • Zaeem Qadri PML(N)

In this video PML(N) politician zaeem qadri who was talking to a group of journalists about the disqualification of PTI chairman Imran Khan but instead he named his own leader’s disqualification by mistake and later he tried to fix his mistake, by explaining about his slip of tongue.

  • Faryal Talpur PPP

A senior candidate from Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) faryal talpur accidentally called bilawal bhutto shaheed.

  • Manzoor Wassan

Another candidate of PPP called his party leader a Choor (Thief) when he wa trying to call him party chairman.

  • Imran Khan (PTI)

Imran Khan during an election campaign while addressing to the people he accidentally told people to vote for Sher, instead of his own party sign.

  • Per Sabir Shah PML(N)

Peer Sabir Shah from PML(N) while addressing to a jalsa started saying slogans against his own leader. The most famous slogan against Nawaz Sharif. Go Nawaz Go

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