Money: The Root Of All Problems

Pakistan was made to be a flourishing state, a jewel in the Islamic world but our greed, our lust for money, has turned us into nothing more than a rock that is slowly crumbling. In Pakistan, we have only one goal in our lives, earn earn earn. First we spend half of our lives just trying to get the degrees we need to earn, then we spend the next half trying to earn, and when we finally try to enjoy what is earned, we realize that we have no time left and we leave all that money behind, for our children and relatives to kill each other over.

Money Root Of All Problems

Ever since we are born, we are taught how to earn. No one is there to teach us humanity, everyone wants money. The result? As people grow up, thinking their only reason to live is to earn as much as possible. As the students move towards the selection of careers, their parents do not consider their children’s capabilities and interests, they just consider the the most rewarding jobs. So if a child wants to be a doctor or engineer, he or she is praised but if one wants to be a religious scholar, an author, a musician, a journalist or an artist, he or she is beaten until they set their goals to doctors or engineers.

Money The Root Of Al Problem

So as the children grow up, they are forced into areas they were never interested in. This lack of interest prevents them from working to their full capacity and as a result, many of them fail in their exams or entry test, or resort to drug abuse as an attempt to get out of the life that has been forced on them. Some of them even commit suicide to escape the stress they are under.

Money The Root Of All Problem

Some of them pass through these problems and some even get their jobs. Even then, they are not content with life as they work like slaves. They are stressed to the point that they eject all their anger and stress on their wives, siblings or children. By this point, a person has his mind permanently set on money and this setting ranges from the politicians to the beggars on the streets. The politicians hoard the money they get for improving the country. As a result, the country grows poorer while their bank accounts go on increasing. The beggars throw away all honor and beg, insults and ignoring having no effect on them. The people in-between resort to bribery, taking unlawful money for tasks as small as signing a check.

Money The Root Of Al Problems

The checkers in examination centers just come their for money. they do not care about the children’s futures, they just want their share of money. They check exams carelessly, crossing when they want so sometimes even the best of students are watching their results, A+ in all and failed in one. Doesn’t the deaths and suicides of students fall on their conscience? No. Because their conscience only hurts when they do not earn the expected money, they are devoid of any feelings of humanity, they are materialistic to their extent that they are no longer humans. And this applies to almost everyone in Pakistan.

Money Root Of Al Problem

And now come the family matters. Consider a person, who earned a huge fortune in his life. After his death, what happens? Before his grave’s dirt has dried, his children, his relatives, his brothers and sisters begin to argue about their parts in the fortune. Sometimes, they even resort to killing, just for money. I have seen people being divorced just because they were not able to get their share from their parent’s fortune. What is a greater level of lust for money than the fact that for a small amount, we can kill, take a person’s life, murder.

This is the time, when an innocent can be killed mercilessly for money and money can free even the worst of murderers and rapists from prison. This is the world, where money won and humanity lost.

I fear for the day when money becomes common among Muslims and they will begin to envy each other.

——(Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W)



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