MOMO Suicidal Game Hits Pakistan. What to do?

This year in the mid August, suicide by a 12-year-old girl in Argentina was linked with a new emerging suicidal game “Momo”. A video recorded by the girl was evident that it was meant to be uploaded on social media. After the news, a few more concerned parents reported the game Ad on YouTube and on Facebook groups.

Soon, the warning was issued internationally keeping in mind what happened last year with the “Blue Whale Game” invented by a 21-year-old Russian Philip Budekin. It led to about 130 teenagers committing self-harm and even suicide for some.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is now a victim of this game as well. Although no suicide has been reported but a case of messages from an international number with same Momo Avatar have surfaced.The game spread from Facebook private groups posting links of Momo Challenge to whatsapp.

Maham, a Pakistani girl has reported that she and her friend has received similar messages as such those warning post she ignored. She warned that after answering call or replying to message even once, you would be unable to block this contact/ number.

source: brandsynario

According to source a mother also shared how her son started crying while playing game on phone upon investigation she noticed a caller id with similar Momo picture, the number started with code of Bahrain, she said. The cases abroad also reported a random number that starts with Japan, Colombia or Mexico code.

What to do?

It is always suggested never to click suspicious pop-up ads, URLs or links that might lead you to viruses and malware. As a precaution we must teach the young ones to avoid clicking ads or URLs on any site especially the ads to games. Teach them the reliable sources of game and always show which might be suspicious and advise it to share with friends.

Moreover, each case should immediately reported to the National Response Centre for Cyber Crime of Pakistan. Be aware of any unusual behavior of people near you, especially kids and see if this virus has infected them and ruined their lives or not.

Stay safe!


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