Mirusah: Redefining Pakistan’s Fashion Industry

The fashion industry in Pakistan has been on the ascent for a long while now. Not just that, it has given a stage for new talent to enter and establish themselves in the business as long as they convey something new to the table. With each design house endeavoring to end up the main power in the realm of form, another name that has been added to the rundown is ‘Mirusah’ which was started a year ago by Misbah Haider.

Mirusah collection

It is an exceptional mold mark that, as indicated by the owner is a tribute to all the hard working women. Besides, it has been named after the greatest inspiration that helped begin the brand and enable the owner to accomplish her fantasies.

Mirusah bridal

Beginning from a small scale, Mirusah expects to raise the bar of the business while keeping consistent with their logic to give a solid yet chic look to the customer. Not just that,brand’s primary goal is to be a name that is related with style, elegance and women empowerment.

Mirusah 2018

The current collection titled ‘The Spring Fling’ is inspired by the spring season, since the spring/summer season is already here, it is ok to say that most brands work their way around with flowery work on their clothing and Mirusah has done likewise. The textures utilized are jacquard weaved organzas and cotton nets with laces and cutwork done on them.

Mirusah A New Entry in Pakistan

The flowery patterns are probably going to pull in shoppers as the brand remains consistent with its convictions that each woman is lovely and one of a kind and deserves nothing less than an exceptional clothing in every price range. Focusing on women wear, Misbah spoke to media that women have a more prominent eye for detail, which is so vital for Mirusah. “From the ‘Head of Design’ to our ‘Quality Inspection’, everything is done by women.”

Mirusah design

With women working in most offices, one test Misbah confronted was the separation by the men in the field. “Be it the laborers, office staff or coordinators, they have a tendency to not consider you important… It takes a while but rather you need to demonstrate to them who the superior is.”

Mirusah A New Entry in Pakistan's Fashion

Talking about keeping a balance in work and personal life, she said that was made simple because of the family’s help, “A solid emotional support is the thing that we should look for.”

Mirusah designs

As Mirusah is all set to celebrate their 1st Aniversary, Misbah has many projects in the pipeline including launching bridal wear later this year.


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