Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Manliest Of Them All?

It’s not uncommon for us to see men dress in feminine colors nowadays, and this fact alone has many people’s blood boiling. So it makes me question, is masculinity so fragile as to break with a simple hue?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Whos The Manliest Of Them All

I won’t advocate these males choosing to wear colours normally classified as feminine, but I also won’t side with the people who choose to ridicule these men and question their genders upon a simple wardrobe choice. It’s known that many things among colours and such, have long been separated into groups and stereotypes for the respective genders and if they so much as cross the set boundary of these norms, it is stepping out of the line. The modern often clashes with the orthodox, and the after math is never desirable.

It is very true till an evident extent that our dressing does portray our personalities and inner turmoils and thoughts, but it cannot be used to generalise personality traits for individuals. All I’m saying is, that if a boy wants to wear a pink t-shirt, it won’t make him any less of a boy. Calling a chair a table, won’t make it a table, now will it? It is true that some things just are not meant for the opposite gender to adopt, but in my opinion, something so trivial such as a colour of a dress shouldn’t be the sole representative of their whole persona.

We pat ourselves on the back if we let our daughters play with cars, wear blue, or learn to play football, but it is completely out of the question to let a boy play with a doll? That, is patriarchy at it’s finest. And it’s not just these everyday simple examples of potentially bad parenting, I’m pretty sure the fashion industry and such as tired of the same plain Jane colors for male models too, but then again modeling in itself is such a huge scandal that it is best not to even mention it.

If our colour choices represent our feelings, our thoughts and our emotions, and if a boy chooses to wear pink or yellow or red, why is it bad if he displays a little emotion, besides his titled right to express anger? If he was not meant to express the simple fact that he has a heart in his chest, then why was he born with it? To circulate blood in his body, of course, what an idiotic question. But true idiocy lies in the fact that we judge people on the simple basis of outwardly observations. No doubt that some things are wrong for males to adopt, but I think a lighter shade won’t really strip you of your masculinity, it might just leave you in a lighter mood, that’s all.


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