Military Rule Vs Civilian Rule in Pakistan

Pakistan has faced both, military & civilian rules. Following is a chronological comparison of what happened during a military dictator’s rule & during a civil government rule:

Year 1947 – Pakistan came into being

Year 1956 – Politicians (civil government) formed the first constitution of Pakistan & implemented it.

Year 1958 (September) – Malik Feroz Khan Noon, the civil Prime Minister of Pakistan, made Gwadar a part of the country. This is an achievement of a civil rule.

Year 1958 (October) – Military rule started when Ayub Khan took the government & imposed first martial law in Pakistan.

Year 1962 – Same military dictator (Ayub Khan) formed a presidential constitution which initiated the East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) unrest. Same year, Ayub Khan handed over the Badaber airbase of Pakistan Air Force to America.

Year 1964 – Just to make her lose the elections, Ayub Khan alleged that Fatima Jinnah is an Indian secret agent. Mother of the nation, Fatima Jinnah, was alleged to be a foreign agent, working against Pakistan, by a military dictator.

Year 1969 – Yahya Khan made Ayub Khan resign from his position as president of Pakistan & dissolved the constitution of 1962.

Year 1971 – Pakistan lost East Pakistan (now Bngladesh) during the rule of a military dictator, Yahya Khan.

Year 1973 – Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, a civil Prime Minister of Pakistan, along with other leading politicians, formed the new constitution.

Year 1974 – Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, a civil PM of Pakistan, initiated the atomic program, which ultimately lead Pakistan to become an Atomic Power.

Year 1977 – Zia Ul Haq took civil rule in his hands from an elected civil Prime Minister. Sectarianism started in Pakistan the same year.

Year 1084 – India took Siachin peaks from Pakistan during the reign of a dictator, Zia Ul Haq.

Year 1985 – Non party elections were held & they promoted the corruption in politics.

Year 1998 – Pakistan became an Atomic Power during a civil government. Nawaz Sharif was the Prime Minister at that time.

Year 1999 – 4th martial law in Pakistan by Pervaiz Musharaf. He handed over Jacobabad, Pasni & Shamsi air bases to America. Drone attacks, suicide attacks & terrorism in Pakistan were started during his rule.


  1. U r from Noon !!,,,Shame on u ,,for portraying a negative role of military,,
    1.civil govrnment started atomic progrm on the pressure of pak army,,they tested nuclear weapons on the pressure from army,,its not their achievements. 1955 Maj gen sikander mirza started work on kotri barrage in hyderabad +jamshoro
    3.1957,,Guddo barrage ,,by skndr mirza,,
    4..1967,,Chasma barrage,by Gen Ayub,,
    5..1958,,Maj Gen skndr mirza bought gawadar from omman worth 30 carore at that time,,u misleaded the informations,,
    7..Gdp in miltary rules were on peak,,
    8..1990,,nawaz asked air marshal asghar khan to help him defeating banazir in general elections,,later nawaz won
    9.Nawaz is a loyal frnd of bharat since day first,,and is against the kashmiri mujahideen movement,and hafiz saeed,,

    Plz dont spread fake information, ,histroy knows what was really happened. …

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