Mian Saab Jaan Dayo! Shehbaz Sharif gone viral!

A few days ago, a video of ex-chief minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Shairf, crossing road like a toddler was  criticized and mocked by internet trolls. The major concern of discussion among the social bugs and even the journalists were the strange law abiding and non-protocol nature of Mian Saab, which was suddenly provoked in the foreign land. The topic got viral because of the fact that all this Sufi nature and simplicity is absent while he is in Pakistan, in fact we never had the chance of witnessing him crossing the road because duh! Protocol dudes! Here is the adorable video everyone:

Not just the road crossing, Mian saab has been singing live at Karachi during his campaign in a hotel. It’s not the first time Miaan Saab has sung any song. He grabbed the microphone from the singer, actually snatched it, and synchronized perfectly with each and every instrument playing the karaoke for the famous classic song “Akelay na jaana”. The surr and taal was just perfect, he even took care of the echo and kept moving his mic up and down to adjust with the tuning. Politics apart, he did really well. Check out his “fun-kaari” here:

Apart from going viral and being tweeted and re-tweeted we hope that they are doing some actual work done to get themselves promoted for election. Even if he lost, he has got an amazing singing career to uphold. Way to go Mian saab!


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