#MeriAwaz: Dalda Stands Up Against Bodyshaming

In case you’re one of those people who are seriously allergic to commercial breaks, here’s the latest tea:

Dalda, as we know it, has started a campaign with the theme #MeriAwaz, which aims to tackle down body-shaming in a variety of ways, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Body shaming is an old and rather ugly part of our culture, where you cannot attend a single family gathering or outdoor function without someone commenting on someone’s height, weight, and most importantly their skin tone.

We desi people have made up such unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards for both men and women, that it’s ridiculous for anyone to follow! And Dalda, with this new campaign have started to address just this.

With celebrities such as Aamina Sheikh, Mansha Pasha, Sarwat Gillani, Samina Peerzada, and many other famous names, they are contributing a lot to stop this culture of body-shaming. Honestly, this just in itself is pretty amazing.

Marketing director of the campaign, Usama Khan also shared how he as a father had observed that his daughters were affected by these societal pressures.

The fact that a young girl’s success is determined by her weight is jarring and this is exactly why I wanted to be a part of this project.”

Samina Peerzada said that it is important to let children be children — let them dream and be what they aspire to be.

It is the age of dreaming and if you confuse children at such a tender age about their height or colour of their skin and their weight, their growth will be compromised.”

Nadia Hussain also sent out a very important message,

We as parents have to block out these voices. If you receive an ill comment about your child, as a mother you have to block it out for your children. I wish for my daughters to be athletic and when I hear comments like ‘oh, her skin tone will change’ I am appalled because it does not matter, what matters is that they are achieving something.”

Brand ambassador of Dalda, Aamina Sheikh insisted that it is vital for our children’s future that we block out these voices.

We are the affected party; these voices have affected us and we have been through complex stages in our lives. However, today we are wise enough to understand how to tackle them. As parents, as mothers, we have to be the voice of reason for our children.

The need of the time very strongly calls for revolutionary mentalities such as these that break the chains of orthodox, judgmental thinking. This campaign is one of the best things that a brand as powerful as Dalda, alongside such powerful women has started and it is by our support and understanding towards this crucial matter is that it can be made successful.

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