Mental Health: It’s Not A Stigma Anymore

Behind every force, they say, is a bigger force driving it. Every machine requires a central control system that makes function possible and effective. But then, why is the central control system of humans — the brain, not given the distinction it deserves? And no, not in the complexity aspect, it is indeed the most complex mass to exist and decipher, but in its health aspect. Even the toughest steel rusts over time if not taken care of, this is a muscle of intellect that differentiates man from animal. Its health, and care is a very significant matter that is unfortunately greatly ignored.

The brain is the basic driving force behind a human being and every positive and negative input directly effects the output produced. This common misconception that mental health does not hold any significance in regard to a man’s physical health is completely disappointing. Its the same as a PC’s wiring works, if the motherboard were to shut down, you can’t expect the CPU to continue working, then how can you expect a human to stay healthy and in the right place if their mental health is not?

Mental health and illness are an incredibly significant part of health, and are not only to be faced by people who are ‘not right in the head’, every person faces trouble handling life and its situations and finds hardships that leave him in need of a little assistance to find his way back, and it is a sad situation that it is considered only for the mentally strained.

Mental Health Its Not A Stigma Anymore

Its not uncommon to receive disapproving looks and shaking heads at the mention of choosing to see a psychiatrist, and that’s also where the problem roots. No one wants to acknowledge that they might experience a deeper problem than the average mood, no-one wants to be a ‘pagal’, because mental help and psychiatrists are only for the pagal, apparently. So in turn anyone in the field of psychology and psychiatry is a little messed up north too.

Self acceptance is the first and primary step to help oneself. If we work so hard to keep our bodies in shape, why not our heads then? Mental health continues to be a stigma till this modern day where we preach to be reaching new heights in growth and advancement but refuse to acknowledge this elephant in the room.

No development or success can be truly attained without addressing this important matter growing day by day. It is not a matter of shame or dishonour, or ridicule to need a little help to get back up, rather it is indeed more shameful to keep on the ground in the way of irrational pride and ignorance.

It is high time that the matter be acknowledged and understood and applied on because this is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength to look a problem in the eye and overcome it.

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