Mental Health is Something Serious

A heart wrenching news was spread officially on 9th June 2018 that a Frenchman jumped from the third floor and fell in Haram Shareef. He committed suicide. Nobody knew what the reason was. The Saudi police are still investigating to get more information about that man.

It was found that he converted to Islam before this incident. Isn’t it frightening that he was incapable to stop himself from committing suicide in such a holy place and holy month? It’s easy to just pin a suicide on the victim but often the reasons are much more complicated than that

We force others to give up on their life. We are the ones who make their lives miserable. It’s us who makes them feel ashamed when they try to live their life according to their own desires. When they tell that they are suffering from depression we say they are making it all up and exaggerating some small thing that happened to them. When they are crying about their lives to us we say that everyone faces problems and they aren’t special. If they have problems with the way they look, we don’t pay attention to that and keep throwing comments at their flaws in their face and body. When they are stressed we say they’re just asking for attention. Do we realize the hurt these words cause the other person? It often leads to mental scars that never heal and ultimately to death.

We are responsible for their every action and reaction. Do we even know that what are they suffering from? When they listen to our harsh and filthy words, it damages them profoundly and they start harming themselves while thinking that they are worst. We think that depression is funny, right? People just act to gain sympathy and attention, right? No, it’s not at all like that. Depression is something serious and we should look upon this matter. A person can’t be happy or healthy if he’s mentally ill, that’s another case if he or she tries to act normal. Kindly appreciate them. Please, I request you, stop being harsh with them. You can’t even imagine the intensity of that pain they are going through, or what kind of horrible battle they are suffering through. It won’t cost a single penny to say few good words to them, to make them happy and feel wanted and to help them. Don’t expect a lot from them, they are humans like you. They’ll try to achieve their goals according to their will and capacity. Stop being an obstacle in their path. Be kind with them.

To the ones suffering with mental illness, you are a gem, you won! Yes you won because nothing is more terrifying than battling with your own mind and demons every single day.


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