Mental Health Helpline: Pakistan

We walk and talk among people that might be a victim of bullying,mental abuse, severe stress, depression or any mental illness. These are the silent sufferers of our society and we are entirely unaware, again because of the lack of acceptance and of awareness regarding mental health.

deceased Anam Tanoli

A number of people were jolted on the suicide news of model and fashion designer Anam Tanoli at the age of 26. The deceased last posted video immediately went viral in which she talked about bullying and advised people not to ever behave in such a way because it can be extremely hurtful. This spared the discussion that Pakistan needs to step up the mental health strategies and how badly we need a Helpline to help those whom can no longer bear the pain of silently suffering.

Finally, now we do have a helpline “TALK TO ME”, an initiative by co founders Adeel H Chaudhry and Dr Zunaira. It is a “24/7 helpline for teens and adults, trained counselors to just listen and advice you on any problem you want to discuss, from bullying to drug abuse.”

“Are you doing your part to help someone who has been a victim of sexual abuse, if you want information about how to help someone contact us and we will guide you. Silence is not an option anymore”

The helpline advice and guidance on issues including: depression, addiction, drug abuse, anxiety, phobias, marital and family counseling, divorce, domestic violence, abuse (emotional, physical, sexual), phobia, panic attacks, academic issues, career/ life Guidance, adolescence issues, anger, grief, trauma and disorders such as OCD, bipolar, eating disorder but these are not limited areas they provide expertise in.

The helpline is not only working on national level but also internationally. So, far they have 48 counselors and growing. All calls are directed to a main board for the basic information of client and brief description of the matter. According to the matter the client is assigned time slot and expertise name, anyone with immediate need of help will be addressed immediately. Two numbers has been provided for assistance “0300 8413345” and “03174290001”

The helpline is not only assisting on a national level but also internationally:

Through international chapters they aim at spreading the mental health importance.

The helpline leaders are also looking for volunteers to advance and spread the cloud system for the betterment of people.

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  1. Founder of Talk2me Pakistan is not a clinical psychologist. He himself has mental issues and was suicidal a couple of years ago. He is also Pakistan’s biggest fraudster and scammer. He owes a lot of money to a lot of people and has even tried to blackmail those who chase him for their money, including innocent girls who he worked with and who lend him money

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