Melania Trump Called Out On Her Jacket

While Donald Trump and his administration is receiving heavy criticism against the zero tolerance child separation policy. On 22nd June Melania Trump, the current first lady of America, decided to wear a jacket with print “I don’t care, do you?” with a don’t give a damn attitude while touring the camps where the immigrant children are kept or more precisely caged in Texas while their parents are more likely to rot in jail for crossing border undocumented with or without criminal record.

The social media is a powerful tool to spread important news like this, it keeps an eye on everyone and joins the dots for everything happening in the world. Despite being aware the first lady decided to play the diplomat card. Obviously no media company would just ignore this event!

while departing Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for McAllen, Texas, where she arrived for a visit to an immigrant children’s detention center.

In her defense, FLOTUS (first lady of the United States) office’s director of communications tweeted:

FLOTUS office’s director of communications

and Donald Trump said:

Claiming the jacket had no meaning is plain ignorance and people have only two opinions about it a)It had a clear message. b)It’s a tactic to distract media from main issue. Some made a point to it:


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