Mein Pagal Nahi Hun! Why Mental Health Awareness Is Necessary In Pakistan

Mental health, something that exist and it could be flourishing or deteriorating. Something we need to understand and accept. A morning show hosted by Sanam Jung “jago Pakistan” in its recent episode(24TH MAY) pointed out the existence of phobia and a few concerned women in the presences of two mental health experts.

Mein Pagal Nahi! Why Mental Health Awareness Is Necessary In Pakistan

One woman clearly shared her experience that how she and her kids life is affected because husband suffers from a mental disorder and refuse to seek professional health. She has been also a victim of violence upon asking her husband to seek help and now is victim of suicidal thoughts.

Mein Pagal Nahi Hun Why Mental Health Awareness Is Necessary In Pakistan

Another woman shared that her phobia of fire (Pyrophobia) and how it has started to affect her marital life because in-laws do not accept that such condition exist or use it against her. Another woman is unable to travel to her husband abroad because she is afraid of heights (Acrophobia) to the extreme that she can not even think about stepping foot onto an aeroplane. Another woman is probably suffering from general anxiety disorder which could easily be mistaken as over thinking that is basically thought to be a part of woman nature. Majority of women suffers from fear or anxiety disorders.

Mein Pagal Nahi Hun! Why Mental Health Awareness Is Necessary

A generalized term “mad” linked to mental illness has made things difficult for the one sufferings and people around that person. When a person says “i am not mad” we need to tell them that “I know, you are not” “it’s an illness like any physical one”.

All of mental illness doesn’t include odd and deviant behavior (we should stop referring to behavior as abnormal). Modern psychology have introduced a new model for diagnostics known as multipath model. This model considers all factors i.e biological (YES THERE ARE BIOLOGICAL FACTORS IN MENTAL HEALTH), psychological, socio-cultural and social dimension. We do not only want awareness regarding depression and anxiety because the diagnoses of mental illness is wider than that. The process is too slow to only work for two illness at the start.

Mein Pagal Nahi Hun! Why Mental Health Awareness Is Necessary In Pakist

We need to go on full blow of knowledge and let people know the factors so they could not only accept them but also create a better environment. The hospitals must add cabins for mental health profession with affordable fee so the stereotype that mental health is an élite class things breaks as well.
Let’s make mental health improvement and awareness a trend.

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