Meet The First Hijab Clad Muslim Competing For The ‘Miss England’ Title

Sarah Ifthekhar, a 20-year-old law student from Huddersfield is the first Muslim competing for the Miss England title in the finals wearing a hijab. Although other women wearing hijab have already competed for the title but she is the first one to walk the catwalk at the finals.

She did not end up winning, an Alisha Cowie from Newcastle was crowned Miss England 2018. However, by being a contestant, Sarah hopes to showcase a positive picture of her community by showing how normal and just like any other regular girls they are.

While talking to BBC she added:

I want to cover myself up and dress modestly why should that be an issue? I’m just like the other contestants. If I’m sending out that message it will motivate other people to participate in a beauty contest.

She hopes to inspire other girls looking for similar opportunities, and her main purpose was to send out a message of diversity and inclusion and that beauty doesn’t need to have a definition.

Following her beauty pageant fame, she is already using it to be a part of a charity Beauty with Brains that raises money for disadvantaged youngsters and underprivileged children from around the World.

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