Meet Muhammad Arif The House Painter And The New Social Media Singing Sensation

Social media truly is a game changer when it comes to making lives, all it takes is one viral video and you could become a national sensation overnight. We are still not completely over the famous Chai Wala who got famous for his magical eyes caught on camera by a stranger. And before you know it it’s now the painter wala, yes we’re talking about Muhammad Arif whose undeniable talent is the talk of the town now.

He was seen in a recent viral video (rightfully so) singing famous Arjit Singh songs and making everybody go gaga over his melodious voice and perfect notes and all while he was caught off guard while painting a house wall and still having white paint and powder spread all over his hands and cloths. It’s truly remarkable to see how talent lies in every corner of the country.

And now the singing sensation Muhammad Arif has been invited to perform with non other than Aima Baig at an event on National Independence Day! Talk about luck and the power of social media. May he keep winning hearts with his talent and we hope many more such hidden gems come to the surface and be given the chance that they truly deserve.


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