Meesha’s Allegations, Is “Teefa” in trouble ?

Ali Zafar, the chocolate hero and sensation of 90’s pop music, was when seen in his first movie Tere Bin Laden, was adored for his cute style and charisma. His follow Up films like Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, London Paris NewYork and Chashm e Badoor were really cheerful, sparking and amusing. Though Ali had done a few dramas for Pakistani films but never did he ever do a film in Pakistan until now.

Teefa in Trouble an Ali Zafar’s own production, directed by Ahsan Rahim is the first Pakistani film, which features muscular Ali Zafar’s action, Faisal Qureshi’s jiggling comedy and the mind-blowing beauty of Maya Ali. It’s a thriller comedy of a street gangster who isn’t that much of an experienced guy and is left with a humongous and life changing case. When asked in an interview Ali said that he considered the fact that Pakistani movies have a crux of their dramas and thus fail to be entirely cinematic and that he has kept in view the point of watching the media on the big screen. It is hoped that he has done his level best to provide absolutely different material than that of the recent few identical releases.

Now question is that how his recent scandal with Meesha Shafi will will affect the launch of the movie, there were small scale protests at local promotions of the film but nothing big as the activists of Twitter and Facebook make Ali Zafar confess to the crimes they are sure he did. When he was asked about this scandal he marked himself clean by saying that he himself was hurt due to Meesha’s allegations because they were family friends. He said that it’s illogical to say that a harassment occurred in a crew of twelve to thirteen people with many other female workers and nobody took notice of the event. The scenario became more suspicious as Meesha was unable to defend herself in court and fled from the scene altogether. This really turned the table in favor of Ali.

Meesha, not total silent is defending herself through tweets but in a very indirect manner. Recently she tagged Elon Musk to introduce some device to detect groping. But again the most trending topic of the month is now quenching as the success of “Teefa In Trouble” is being observed. It was the first movie to make record earnings in two days after release and people reviews are also very positive.

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