‘Meesha Shafi Should Consider Herself Lucky’ According to These Keyboard Judges

After the global movement ‘Me Too’ and ‘Time’s Up’ started with the exposure of Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein, as a sexual predator, by the New York Times. Many prominent figures came forth in support of the movement and the hashtag #metoo trended for quite a while on social media.

However, it seemed as though only Hollywood was brave enough to say ‘Times Up’ because most industries around the World remained comparatively silent on the matter. Especially Pakistan where such a topic to this day is ‘frowned upon’.

When Meesha Shafi went public with her own sexual harassment experience against a well-known and beloved singer Ali Zafar, people had a lot to say. Although the chances of both of them being innocent are still 50/50. Whatever assumptions are being made are purely based on preconceived ideas of why such an allegation must have been placed in the first place.

See it for yourself

Ok so you’re telling me someone actually posted this in 2018?

Umm…this person almost seems confused. So being harassed is lucky?

No shit Sherlock. Forget the lawyers, Ali Zafar must hire you.

Brad Pitt here is suggesting its Ok to get harassed if you’re ugly. An actual real chicken got harassed by one of our gentleman, it doesn’t make her lucky dude. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh at such stupidity.

But one thing is for sure, this shows exactly why men/women don’t speak up against anything that’s sexual, one of the reasons is because, we primarily are a sex deprived nation so Meesha Shafi or anyone else should consider themselves lucky that they had the glorious privilege to have gotten the chance to be harassed, Yaay Victory! Because that means that they are modern and westernized and have freedom, the irony though.

RIP logic.

Pakistan is sure to be in the top 10 of the list of the most confused nations in the World!


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