Meera Jee is Permanently Leaving Pakistan! But to Which Country?

So our favorite savage entertainer has decided to leave Pakistan for good. Say What?  Pakistan needs you and your twitter savagery, don’t do this!

Meera Jee is Leaving Pakistan! And We Know Which Country

She said in a recent statement to news channels like Geo TV as well on her twitter handle that she has decided to move to either Canada or USA. She hasn’t clarified the reason for doing so but she adds that she holds the green card for both Canada and USA, and will reveal the reasons to her fans soon.

Meera Jee is Leaving Pakistan! And We Know Which Country She's Going

I am moving to the United States permanently in a few days,”  Meera said to Geo news on Thursday.

Meera Jee is Leaving Pakistan

Who knows maybe Hollywood is calling her. Or is it that her marriage rumors and court appearances have taken a toll on her?  She isn’t someone who is new to the World of scandal, the reasons behind this dramatic decision still remain unclear.

She has previously been in the limelight for her humorous tweets and forward statements.

I do hope you change your mind Meera because we need you to kill the waves!

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