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Marvi Memon is a Pakistani politician who is the member of National Assembly from Pakistan Muslim League (N). She is the daughter of a senior politician and Senator, Nisar Memon. She is a very intelligent, young female politician, who worked a lot for women rights and she always has been seen defending her political party on all sorts of issues. That’s why every party’s media cell wants her to attend more talk shows than other female politician.

Marvi Memon & Maryam Nawaz

Marvi Memon at Bhasha Diamir Dam With Her Father

As chairman of BISP (Benazir Income Support Program), Marvi Memon has outperformed every other person in Pakistan to help the poor & needy get financial support through a transparent mechanism.

Marvi as Chairperson BISP

Marvi at BISP with Donar Agencies

Marvi has been with PML (N) since 2013 and before that, she was elected as a member of National Assembly from Pakistan Muslim League (Q), the political party which has been lead by Chaudhry Shujat Hussain.

Marvi Memon With Yousaf Raza Gillani

She started her political career in 2007 when she joined PML (Q) and fortunately she was selected as a member of National Assembly on the reserved seat from PML (Q) in Punjab. She remained in the office from 2008-2011 and resigned from her National Assembly position due to her party joining the coalition government with Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), in 2011.

Marvi in National Assembly

Marvi Memon has been to many educational institutions in Pakistan and as well as abroad. After moving from Karachi to Kuwait to Paris, she finally enrolled herself in London School of Economics for her Graduation in International Relations in 1993. Before joining politics, she worked as a marketing and quality control manager in Citibank. Then she launched herself as an entrepreneur & started Pakistan’s largest Vehicle tracking company “TRAKKER”.


BISP ecommerce marvi

Committed to the soil for life.

Age of Marvi Memon

Marvi Memon was born on August 21st,  1972. So, according to her date of birth, she is just over 45 years. When she was first elected as an MNA on a reserved seat, Marvi was only 35 years. Currently she is holding a seat as an MNA on reserved seat from Sindh for PML (N).

Marvi Memon Childhood

Marvi Memon Marriage, Husband & Children

Well, she is not married at this moment, at least publicly, but there are rumors that she is an ex wife of CEO of KTN Media group Mr Ali Kazi. They also might have a son named Murtaza.  There’re also rumors of a secret marriage of Marvi Memon with Ishaq Dar. But, these all are apparently rumors & she probably is single at the moment!

Marvi Memon With Her Son Murtaza in Murree

Marvi Memon With Her Son

Twitter: It has become a kind of ‘must have’ social media platform for all the political personalities of the world and Marvi Memon know this! You can follow her official Twitter account at:

Facebook:  She probably be using Facebook like all Pakistanis but there’s no official Facebook personality profile page of Marvi.

Instagram: Naa, no Instagram too!

Contacting Marvi Memon

Marvi Memon is a very active member of her party’s social media cell. She fully understands the importance of digital media & regularly make various posts over her Twitter profile. If you want to contact her, you can try the Twitter or you can try her official National Assembly email address, As she is the chairman/chairperson of BISP,  you might be able to get connected through or (of course, as long as she’s heading the organization).

Pictures of Marvi Memon

Stunning beauty & elegant personality, following is a collection of Marvi Memon’s pictures from across the web:

Marvi Memon pictures


marvi memon beautiful

Marvi Memon Wedding

Marvi playing Golf

Marvi memon at a party

Marvi with sher

Marvi Cooking

Marvi Memon Chairperson BISP Cooking & helping

Marvi with speaker on Balochistan Assembly

Marvi at her office

Marvi Memon at Sindh Delta

Marvi Memon in Rural Sindh

Marvi Memon suits


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