Marvel Has a New Pakistani Female Superhero! And We Are Loving It

You heard it right. Addition to the Marvel family has our very own Pakistan American superhero named  ‘Kamala Khan’. She is the first Muslim character in Marvel to headline her own comic book. She was created by editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker and has starred in her solo series Ms. Marvel in 2014. Are we looking at a future Avenger?

She’s going places. | Community Post: 12 Reasons Why Kamala Khan Is The Best Comic Book Hero

A freaking Pakistani Avenger!

Ms. Marvel comics (Kamala Khan) near her high school ushanka

A teenager belonging to a typical Pakistani family in Jersey City. Despite her cultural roots, Kamala is a typical American teenager. She is struggling to find her identity where she wants to be herself but also make her parents proud. I’m just imagining what a funny crossover it would be between Robert Downey ( Iron Man ) and Kamala’s parents.

She also has a connection with Captain Marvel!

Image result for kamala khan and carol danvers

Khan considered Carol Danvers ( Captain Marvel ) her idol and when Khan got her shape shifting powers during a dream sequence, she transformed into Captain Marvel because she wanted to be like her.
Will Kamala Khan appear in the new Captain Marvel movie that the end credits of Infinity War hinted at?
We can only hope, maybe a small cameo, needless to say Kamala Khan surely deserves her own movie!

With Black Panther doing so well, we surely need more diversity in Marvel. Her powers besides shape shifting include a healing factor and polymorphism.

Kamala Khan has already become one of the most popular and loved characters in the Marvel fan community. She has been featured in Marvel’s line of Funko Pops! Has a ton of fan art,  tumblr conversation and a noticeable cultural impact in comics and beyond.

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Bishoujo statue by Kotobukiya The comics creator Sana Amanat was introduced at Women’s History Month by none other than Barack Obama himself who called Sana the is the ‘Real Superhero’.

More over Kamal Khan’s graffiti has also been used as protest sign against the Anti Islamic American Freedom Defence Initiative that purchased bus ads in San Francisco and equated Islam with Nazism. Street artists took action using Kamala Khan as their protest symbol.

With Kamala Khan’s huge cultural impact, a character that challenges stereotypes and of youth in general, its safe to say we are looking at the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe. And that day is not far when young girls in our country and the World over will witness a brilliant female Muslim Superhero on-screen!

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