“Marry Your Own Kind”: How to Fix This Thinking?

A wedlock is a sacred union. Unfortunately, it can become an issue for both the duo and relatives when it is an inter caste wedlock. Caste is considered as a traditional and sacred entity of any culture. Some people compared it to the working profession. The most common practice when it comes to wedlock which is considered as “YOU MARRY YOUR OWN KIND” and therefore, within your own caste. The most common example of it is for higher castes to object to a marriage to a lower caste or for upper class to object to a marriage to a middle class or to a lower class. This problem arises primarily from Hinduism due to their caste system. Due to inter caste wedlock, many families have disowned their children. The family connections become scrappy. The duo is often left on their own and rarely return to family. Due to this, inter caste wedlock can become quite a challenge for the duo. This is all due to the historical way caste represents a profession, those who belongs to lower caste are deemed to be from a meager background. Gossips become a real issue. Honor killings are also done due to inter caste marriages. A bride is mistreated at every point. This can only be stopped by spreading awareness and finding ways to eradicate this discerning thought of society.

The self-related problem that I am focusing is from the theoretical perspective of sociology which is a set of assumptions that I made about people and arrives at a conclusion. It may result in a different outcomes compared to what I have observed, which if discussed with the person can create a conflict. It is rarely that I will approach someone I know and will explain what I observed. It can create a conflict as it can offend the person. Not only this, it can create misunderstandings too. To avoid this, straight forward approach should be used to clear things out. Otherwise, leave it as it may.

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