Marriyum Aurangzeb: The Knight In Shiny Armour (Pun Intended)

*use your most dramatic tone to read*

(Disclaimer: work is Satire. it does not generalize any reality, thoughts or intend disrespect)

It’s year 2018, we have a rich taste of humor and we do not settle for less. Its been awhile we yawn at acts/pranks of Amir Liaquat or dialogue exchange between Mehmood Sahib and Nabeel from Bulbulay, some of us tear at depart of Moeen Akhtar and apology of Anwar Maqsood.

We are oppressed and we repress it and then much of aggression is the result of unfair governance; that’s what Imran Khan says: If you keep on exploiting the nation they will rise and fight for their rights. Is that so? No, Kaptaan Sahib you do not understand us well. We thrive for new entertainment, we have seen the old school Waqar Zakka shows, Ramadan transmission turned into circus, Clothing brands like Sana Safinaz designing with touch of racism and demeaning.

We are aggressive because we do not get our righteous entertainment with PERMA keeping a hawk eye on broadcasting. They want to ban our beloved ex prime minister and his daughter speeches to air, with all the early heartache PERMA gave us how are we able to cope with this? Our only hope to listen ignorance with confidence. Where do you get such talent? No where i repeat no where, not even from Bilal Bhutto.

“only one party, one person and his daughter get coverage… million of rupees are being spent on such transmission. the only thing lacking is airing of dramas titled ‘mujhey kyun nikala (Why was I forced out)’ on PTV. Perhaps, they should show Nawaz Sharif on PTV Home and PTV Sports as well,” the committee chairman Faisal Javed said in an attack on the information ministry. (authentic)

A cool suggestion with such harsh tone and cold heart. Does anybody understand the desire we all have for the “mujhy q nikala” drama. Generations will remember this and pass it on like a tradition but they can’t see us relieved and happy. The whole country runs on little of hope in humanity with mostly polluted oxygen. Only few help us survive the sunny dark days. This time our hero is Mariyyum Aurangzeb, she is the defender for all. In PTV’s defense she said:

“The Cabinet has given me the power to make policy. It is my discretionary right. Nawaz Sharif is a national leader; he has been the prime minister three times. If he and Maryam Nawaz speak for even five hours [at a stretch], we will broadcast it live.”

PTV is a national channel that runs with national wealth or shall we call it debt. Who wouldn’t want to hear Nawaz Sahib throwing dirt at Pakistan for terrorism in effect of too much bhang? who doesn’t want to mark dates of bogus statements, turn it into meme and prove he is nothing more than a joke because that’s how we roll. three cheers for Mariyyum Aurangzeb and we all definitely want to hear a 5 hour speech each as a generous gesture.


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