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Mr. Malik Ahmad KarimQaswarLangrial is working for the Assembly of Punjab. He has always worked hard for his party MuttahidaMajlis-e-Amal.

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Age and Education of Malik Ahmad Karim Qaswar Langrial

Mr. Malik Ahmad KarimQaswarLangrial was born in Muzaffargarh on October 30, 1971.His Father’s name is Malik Ghulam Ahmed Langrial. He got graduated with Bachelors of Arts, later he studied L.L.B law in 1991 from Baha-ud-Din Zakariya University at Multan. He is professionally a businessman

Family and Children of Malik Ahmad Karim Qaswar Langrial 

Mr. Malik Ahmad Karim Qaswar Langrial is living a happy married life. He belongs to well civilized and culturally a strong family. He has 3 kids who are well raised. He and his family follow Islam as a Religion.

Malik Ahmad Karim Qaswar Langrial Career in Politics

Mr. Malik Ahmad KarimQaswarLangrial is a famous politician who is serving the Punjab Assembly. He is working for the constituency of PP-257 (Muzaffargarh-VII). The politician is affiliated with the mainstream right wing of MuttahidaMajlis-e-Amal. He is working on the good position as Parliamentary Secretary of Livestock & Dairy Development. He is also a Member of Tourism and Resort Development. He has served as Nazim of Union Council District at Muzaffargarh from 2001 to 02 and as Member Public Safety Commission, District Muzaffargarh. He served as Member, Provincial Assembly of Punjab during 2002-07 and functioned as Parliamentary Secretary for Chief Minister’s Inspection Team & Implementation & Coordination during 2007. He has returned to the Punjab Assembly for the second consecutive term in general elections 2008 and is functioning as Parliamentary Secretary for Livestock & Dairy Development.

Contacting Malik Ahmad Karim Qaswar Langrial

Permanent Address:Langrial House, Tehsil and District Muzaffargarh

Res No:0662-423889

Cell No: 0300-8732077


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