Malala: The Hope We Need

We have reached a point in these times where to get recognition from the entire world, a fifteen year old had to get shot in the face, however, that fifteen year old proved to be no ordinary fifteen year old, this was Malala Yousufzai. Now that the issue has mostly been resolved in the first world, we are still pointing fingers and uttering gibberish about Pakistan’s ‘Iron Lady’. In rural areas specially, education for girls is highly looked down to, so Malala became their voice, not just their but also the atrocities of Talibans in the Swat Valley.  That voice echoed to such far ends of the world that at the tender age of 16, this girl from Pakistan was giving a speech to the United Nations and just one year later got her Nobel Peace Award, making her the youngest receiver of this award. And how did us Pakistanis react to this.

malala with khaqan abbasi

malala family in pakistan

We ridiculed her, made jokes and completely dismissed her complete past. Instead we chose to focus on the fact that she got shot and without even knowing what we were talking about, said that “Being shot is all it takes nowadays to get a Nobel Award”. It became increasingly obvious that a particular mindset didn’t care about this 15 year old who had more courage than each and every one of theirs combine. So Malala stayed out of Pakistan for almost 5 years, and now she visited her motherland and Pakistanis probably realized their mistake and now are welcoming her with open arms, right?

malala pakistan visit

Wrong. Again, Pakistanis are making jokes, even after she told the whole world about the man who named her Malala, they don’t care, one post I read saying “Seems like one bullet didn’t do the job”. These people are scared of her, or as she said best, “The power of education frightens them. They are afraid of women… Let us pick up our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons”.

malala in pakistan

So to all of you who decided that Malala is no one, she did nothing, and all she had to do was getting shot, I ask this simple question; if she really is a no one, why does she scare you so much? Maybe the answer is that somebody is trying to get the world to recognize Pakistanis for the great people they are, but you hate change. Maybe one day people who work hard will be appreciated, but until that day comes, I’ll be here, waiting.



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