Makeup Trends in 2018 Might Leave You Tickled Pink!

Makeup, something none of us can live without, from a simple splash of lipstick or a full face, it can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

Makeup Trends Might Leave You Tickled Pink!

Not something only bound to this era, makeup has always been popular with women of all ages and kinds, it is something every woman is secretly drawn to and we can’t explain why. Is it the vibrant colors, or the pigmented textures, the different types, the intriguing tools, or simply the unattainable prices that attract us to it? We may never know. It is no secret that makeup, something that seems so trivial in itself, costs more than most things its size. Whether it’s the various types of brushes of every size (for every different part of the face if you can believe it), or the various colors of eyeshadow, or the heart-stopping highlighters, makeup never seizes to make a woman’s heart speed up, and I can attest to that claim.

Makeup Trends in 2018 Might Leave You Tickled Pink!

In the present day, we see a lot of new trends to apply makeup, a lot of new tools made specially to facilitate the makeup-aholics, and the world continuously moves forward with new makeup styles and fashions; the makeup trend for 2017 easily was contour, and sculpted jaw-lines, with cheekbones chiseled to (almost impossible) perfection, but MAC Senior Artist Rebecca Butterworth claims ‘blush’ to be the trend for 2018.

Blush is going to have its moment. Blush will become the focus of your make up look rather than just an afterthought. Blush might just be the new contour.

Talking about blush and glitter being the next big thing, she adds that glitter is key for summer. So I’m sure everyone who had a hard time getting on the contour train, will be delighted with this news to ride onto the blush bus.

Makeup Trends in 2018 Might Leave You Tickled Pink

And personally, I can easily say that I look forward to this trend, too, because where contour brought new angles to the world of makeup, blush is something incredibly natural and over-looked, and deserves this recognition, and besides, a little color to the cheeks always looks good, but you don’t want to over do it either, don’t wanna be looking like you’re having a heat-stroke.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Let me know in the comments!


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