Does it Make a Difference Issuing Separate Passports for Transgenders

Netherlands have stepped forward and accepted the transgender community as a separate third community. Pakistan was among the first countries who accepted, transgenders as a separate community and made them a separate entity in the databases of NADRA. Separate ID cards were issued to those who self-accepted and exposed themselves, while accepting the change they were facing. Ultimately, under the system of Pakistan, separate passports were also issued to the community. Which is a good deed, until it got them into problems.

Now is there really a need of accepting them as a separate third community when they are transforming into their opposite gender. Why not just accept them as a male or female after their transformation, that is another debate and requires a lot of opinions.

I had a talk with a trans-woman who is a proud faculty member at Quaid-e-Azam university and just accepted herself as a trans woman. Her name is Ayesha Mughal. She told us how problematic it was for their community when separate passports were made for them. Some countries were compatible with the system, some offered completely different rules and regulations. This consequently restricted them to visit other countries.

These steps will be good if done on an international level, under some standards.The real question lies on how we can somehow create a middle ground amidst the many cultural and regional differences. We need to make a united standard. We need to help the transgenders in our community.


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  1. it is a dicrimination to make a third category, after the transgenger treatment, should be put in the male or female category,and only register in passport if so desired, it is nonesense to have any other kind of passport

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