Major Tourists Attractions in Matiari District

Matiari District is a district in the Pakistani province of Sindh. The district was created in 2005 out of Hyderabad District. The spiritual city of Hala is located in Matiari district. Hala is one of the most popular historical, literary, and spiritual towns of Sindh. It is also famous through the subcontinent for art, glazed colored pottery, woodwork , cloth printing, woven cloth and khaddar made of handmade khaddi.
Some of major tourist attraction in Matiari and Hala are listed below.

Shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai was a great Sufi scholar and saint, and is considered as the greatest poet of the Sindhi language. He settled in the town of Bhit Shah in Sindh, Pakistan. His most famous written work is the Shah Jo Risalo, a treasure house of wisdom as well as romantic folklore and fine pottery. He also founded a musical tradition of his own which is still popular. His shrine is located in Bhitshah and attracts hundreds of pilgrims every day.

Hala Monuments

It is an extensive graveyard dating back to the first half of the 19th century A.D. This graveyard is divided into two portions with a number of graves small tombs and a mosque. There are tombs of several Talpurs of neat but plain construction, including the resting place Mir Fateh Khan from 1824. Their domed mausoleum was influenced by the Kalhorah funerary architecture, which owes its origin to pre-Mughal architectural traditions.

Tomb of Sohni Mehar

Sohni-Mahiwal is a tragic love story which reverts the classical motif of Hero and Leader. Legend has it that the bodies of Sohni and Mahiwal were recovered from the Indus River near Shahdadpur, Sindh. Sohni-Mehar is one of the favourite folktales both in sub-continent area of Pakistan and India. This is a shrine to the lovers of the land where women often come to the tomb to pray for love and for children after marriage.

Hazrat Makhdoom Nooh Mausoleum

The shrine or tomb of Makhdoom Nooh of brick and colored tiles was built in 1790 at New Hala. Large numbers of followers visit the shrine everyday to pay homage to the great Sufi saint. The beautiful and colorful Mausoleum was built and a cupola was added to it later the same year. The mosque to the north of the tomb was built. The inscription over the entrance of the tomb reads: “Blest the Lord who gave power to build this heaven resembling dome full of grace”.

If you get a chance to visit the area, be sure to check these awesome sights out!


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