Mahira Khan: My First Cries Were Heard on December 21st

The true & the most popular female celebrity of Pakistan for 2017, Mahira Khan, was born on December 21st, 1984, in Karachi. According to her birth date, she is going to be of 33 years old in December this year. She is one of the Pakistani actresses who got married at an early age. In an interview, she told that she got married at the age of 21 and when she told her producer (MTV Most Wanted show) about it, he was amazed & asked her to think about her career instead of getting married but she didn’t listen & got married.

Mahira Khan Age

It’s an interesting thing to note that not only in Pakistan but in India as well, female stars getting married is considered as a career suicide but more and more actresses are proving this wrong. It’s a concept about females that after getting married, they can’t continue with the career, which is, absolutely wrong! If males can have a career after marriage, why can’t females have the same?

Mahira Khan Pakistani Actress

Mahira calls herself a full time mother & a part time artist. In an interview she told that even when she receives an award & returns home, her mother asks her to go see her son. She also said that she is grateful for the praise & attention she is getting from around the world as an actress but her first responsibility is her son and she would always love to be called as the best mother. Her son’s name is Azlaan and he’s was born in 2014.

Azlaan Mahira Khan Son

Some of Mahira’s Most Stunning Latest Pictures from Instagram

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