Mahira Khan Made Pakistan Proud At Cannes But Some People Couldn’t Handle It!

Well who would have thought that one day one of our very own will come into the likes of Aishwariya Rai and Deepika Padukone who have been representing their country on Cannes for years. Mahira Khan has now become the first official Pakistani embassador for Loreal Paris and hence will be reprenting Pakistan itself at Cannes!

This is a huge deal for Pakistan internationally. And also it was about time the French Rivera got some Paki magic.

And if the first few looks are any proof, Mahira Khan is doing it every bit of fashion justice to it.

Light is really her color we must say

Also she seems genuinely happy and proud while enjoying every little moment

As if this wasn’t enough, she killed it again with a mesmerizing Sari and had us swooning, while captioning it ‘khajoor waali choti’

Soak up that sun girl cuz you deserve it!

‘Feelin blue but never felt so good’ , she captioned on instagram.

No matter what anyone says, this is a huge honor for Pakistan to have a person representing it on a global platform such as the red carpet of prestigious Cannes Film Festival, no one had a problem when Aishwariya was doing it?

As according to Shan Shahid :

Well Loreal is about beauty and so that’s why, it is somehow about making a fashion statement on a celebrated red carpet like Cannes, just like Sonam, Deepika, Aishwariya, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Julianne Moore and many more have been doing over the years.

Sonam kept her twitter promise of hanging out with BFF Mahira at Cannes.

And a few more to melt our hearts..

There’s no denying that Mahira has surely made Pakistan proud and all those girls back home who dare to dream big. We can’t wait to see our diva in more ravishing looks!



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