Love Is Never Lost, It Just Transforms Itself

Sheeta cherished to see dreams but this one was her most terrible nightmare. She saw the death of Sudesh in her dream which was tremendously horrifying for her when she opened up her eyes as she was perplexed. Sudesh didn’t come home since two days because there was a lot of work to complete in the oil industry. He was working in a renowned industry as an assistant manager. They were supplying oil in foremost areas of the world.

She lost her sanity for a while when she suddenly woke up with a shock. She on no account believed in dreams. She switched on the television to deflect her concentration as she was nervous. Suddenly she saw the headlines about the fire incident which happened in a very renowned industry due to the oil spills. The industry was demolished badly. Her tears plunged out with horror because Sudesh was working in the same industry. She went to the same place where the industry was located. She saw that everything was on fire and the dead bodies of many people were lying there.

Love Is Never Lost, It Just Transform Itself

Furthermore the wounded people were being taken to hospital with the help of emergency ambulances. Her lids were too heavy and mind stopped working when she heard that Sudesh is no more among them. She was incapable to absorb it because she sturdily believed that he was missing but breathing somewhere that’s why her heart was pounding for him. She went on searching him in many hospitals but it was so complex for her to distinguish the patients because mostly the faces were burned badly. She kept on finding him in every ward but failed to find him. As she passed by one of the bed, she felt that something is pulling her towards that bed. Essentially it was the bond between two souls which made her stop there. She sat there and said, “Sudesh I know it’s you; please open your eyes I’m here now”. But there was no answer. She started weeping; abruptly she saw the ring in one of his finger which made her memorize that this was exactly the same ring which she gifted him on his birthday.

Lastly she realized that the person lying on bed was Sudesh. She gave a smooth touch on his hand and all of a sudden he opened his eyes. A river was flowing out of Sheeta’s eyes because she knew that his soul mate was alive. Even though the incident was heart wrenching, she kept her hopes high. Her love for Sudesh was unexplainable. He was unable to speak because his condition was very serious. Sheeta at once took him to another hospital for treatment and plastic surgery. She was anxious after calculating the operating cost of plastic surgery because she was not well-off. The expenses were unaffordable for her but she was all set to give up everything for his adored husband. She was supposed to make an immediate decision so she decided to sell her kidney to get cash for the treatment. Finally she proved herself as a true soul mate. Soon after the surgery, Sudesh got well again and his condition was stable. In conclusion they started living there life all over again blissfully. Once more, it was demonstrated that every nastiest dream not at all becomes the reality.

We often disappear from the lives of our dear ones when they are going through hardships. Sheeta could also have left Sudesh because of poverty and his disability but her love was true and strong. She proved to be a true soul mate and helped Sudesh in the best possible way. We should have guts to sacrifice for the person we love.  And we should never deceive the ones who are giving their 100% to complete us.


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