Loaded Food Culture, We Have Had Enough of This!

I want you to imagine this, chocolate milkshake with vanilla ice cream, put in a mason jar, which instead of a lid has been covered with a donut which has pretzels hanging with it and above which there is a mount Everest of whipped cream. That is not it, the mason jar is dipped in melted chocolate and has KitKat, wafers and all kinds of sprinkles on it. Now imagine another, ice cream made to a ball and is covered with red Cheetos and is wrapped in a tortilla which is clouded by cotton candy. The culture of loaded food is getting way out of hands people.

It was normal and bearable till the concept of loaded fries, because potato literally goes with everything. It also looked good to eyes to see the gooeyness over fries with some pizza topping, anything crispy, even chicken nuggets. But man, this fashion is now becoming a sickness. A few days ago, I witnessed a pizza and it went like this. Pizza dough, the traditional sauce, topped with cheese and pizza toppings and then French fries and chicken burgers over it. It literally made me nauseous and give up even looking at fast food for several days. This barfy culture originated in United States of America and now is taking control of the world.

It is quite understandable that people get cravings and they can be stupid. Especially with girls but making tons of food go together which literally has no sense of taste and belong to different poles is really weird. Watching these cheese drooling and insanely Nutella-ized recipes has made me intolerant to zingers and dips as well and I have switched to disperse food, liking eating only beans, only chicken, only one veggie. Who ever approves the recipes, your creativity is appreciated but please do check this out in the list of food disorders, because I think this is one.


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