List of Videos to Make for Youtube

Youtube video making is becoming an industry itself & people sharing all sort of crazy videos over it. If you’re a channel admin over Youtube or you want to get ideas about what kind of videos should you make for Youtube, following is the list of videos to make for Youtube:

  1. Give a tour of your bed room, office or any closed place
  2. Create a hair making tutorial for both, male & female
  3. Create a makeup tutorial video. Again for both, male & female
  4. Share something about your own self in a video titles ’50 things about me’
  5. Create a video of any of your siblings
  6. Go to a mall & capture some random people
  7. Share your wardrobe. Make a video of your favourite clothes
  8. Share how you do different stuff like start your car
  9. Question & Answer videos
  10. Make a video of what’s on your phone
  11. Tutorials of useful stuff, not of starting your car!

Share your crazy idea in the comments and lets if someone comes up with that!

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