List of Diaper Brands in Pakistan

Which diaper brand to use is a question that i’ll answer in some other post but for this very article, following is the list of brands of baby diapers that are available in Pakistan:

  1. Al Tawakal bags
  2. AN Diapers
  3. Angels Collection
  4. AT Collection
  5. Baby Oye Disposable Diapers
  6. Bachaa Party
  7. Bebble
  8. Belux
  9. Brand Bucket
  10. Buy & Buy
  11. Canbebe
  12. Comfrey
  13. COOL & COOL
  15. Diapy Disposable Diapers
  16. DiDi
  17. Drypers
  18. Fine
  19. Fine Baby
  20. Flexy
  21. Four Season
  22. GOO.N
  23. Happix
  24. Huggies
  26. Juniors
  27. Lajawab
  28. LEGO Baby Diaper
  29. Nukkar
  30. Nana’s
  31. Palmer’s
  32. Pampers
  33. Rajesh
  34. Rompers
  35. SB Diapers
  36. Sensitive
  37. Unique

You can share which diaper brand do you use for your kids in the comments section below.


  1. Thanks for sharing the complete list of Baby Diapers. I prefer Molfix Diapers which is available in great quality and affordable price.

  2. I prefer Molfix pants to my child because it is much better than any other diapers brands that i have used till now. It had great absorbent capacity and comfortable to my child.

  3. i have Been using huggies its really comfy n even after more than 8 hours they wont leak unfortunately i couldnt find huggies in pakistan

  4. I use me and my for my baby n i like it but the thing is now large doesnt fit her n x large is loose for her but i like this brand than pampers as it absorbs much longer than pampers

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