List of Bottled Mineral Water Companies (Brands) in Pakistan

There are around 284 registered players in the bottled water sector. According to the industry sources, the numbers of bottlers are well above 300 due to increasing demand for drinking water. However, the much publicized laboratory report published by the Pakistan Council of Research on Water Resources (PCRWR) after conducting a survey of 111 registered brands in the Pakistan declaring that, 89 brands available in the market are safe while 22 out of them are unsafe for drinking. Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has made it obligatory for the companies to obtain license from the authority before commencing operations.

Pakistan’s bottled water market comprises of two main segments i.e. retail market and bulk market. The retail market consists of 0.5 liter, 1.5 liters, 3.1 liters 5.0 liters, 6.0 liters, 16 liters and 19 liters capacity PET bottles, whereas the bulk market consists of home and office delivering in 2, 3, 5 and 19 gallon cans.

List of Water Brands in Pakistan

Following is the list of bottled mineral water brands available in Pakistan:

  1. Al-Hayat
  2. Lucent
  3. Springley
  4. Fission
  5. Aqua Bara Safe
  6. Balance
  7. Aqua Flex
  8. Aqua Plus
  9. Nestle Pure Life
  10. Exact
  11. Atlantis
  12. Pureza
  13. Sparkletts
  14. XT
  15. Aafi
  16. Aqua Nation
  17. Classic
  18. Aala Pure Drop
  19. AB-E-Tasneem
  20. Oasiss
  21. Tws
  22. Horizon
  23. Nayab
  24. Maya
  25. Aspen Aqua
  26. Nino
  27. Pineo
  28. Prime Pani
  29. Kinley
  30. Pure N Fine
  31. Ok Lasani
  32. Great
  33. Aqua Clear
  34. ISIS
  35. Aab-e-Anoud
  36. Aab-E-Wah
  37. Life Water
  38. Salsabeel Water
  39. Habib
  40. Piyaas Plus
  41. Fast Water
  42. Aqualine
  43. Premium Quality
  44. Aqua 7
  45. Revielle
  46. Akson Pure Water
  47. Water One
  48. Deja Blue
  49. Blue Ever Pure
  50. Crystal White
  51. Hydropsy
  52. Pure Light
  53. Aabshaar
  54. Uni Pak Healthy Life
  55. Date Vally
  56. Snow Mountain
  57. Mountain Fresh
  58. Gourmet
  59. Stream
  60. Tahoor
  61. Valvic
  62. Life Line
  63. Minhal
  64. Best Water
  65. Culligan
  66. Defence
  67. Glow
  68. Iqra
  69. Finu
  70. Safa
  71. Aqua Link
  72. Miracle
  73. Montana
  74. Everest
  75. Lariab
  76. Zindagi
  77. Alish
  78. Aqua Aroma
  79. Pak Abshaar
  80. Cascade
  81. Nesma
  82. Nature
  83. Crest
  84. Bhambhor
  85. Eden
  86. Avion
  87. De Aar
  88. Volvia
  89. Value
  90. AL-Atash
  91. Aab-e-Hunain
  92. Xtreme
  93. Aab-e-Shifa
  94. Buxton
  95. Dam
  96. 24 Karat
  97. Bay
  98. Okay
  99. Agua Gud
  100. Calyx
  101. Meme
  102. Wania
  103. Al-Maa
  104. Glacier
  105. Ashley Water
  106. Aqua Fina
  107. Euphoria
  108. Viva
  109. Future Plus
  110. Ocean
  111. Aqua Life
  112. Ramna Premium
  113. Keeper
  114. Hydro Clear
  115. Neelam Plus
  116. Silver Sip
  117. Blue Lagoon
  118. Siz
  119. Oxygen
  120. Finest
  121. Mummum
  122. Vey
  123. Dew Drop
  124. Al-Habib
  125. Aqua Best
  126. Sprinkle
  127. H2O4U
  128. Origin
  129. Eye Line
  130. Aqua Blue
  131. Saqi
  132. Combi Plus
  133. Orish
  134. Oslo
  135. Salwa
  136. Coral
  137. Sohat
  138. Top Mountain
  139. Bee Harry’s
  140. Glorious Plus
  141. Aqua Aro
  142. Momsa
  143. Volga
  144. Pride Plus
  145. Winsip
  146. NAFENA
  147. Energy
  148. Rejoice

The price range for 19 liter category is from Rs.50 to Rs.250 in the market depending upon the positioning and quality of the brand. If we have missed a name, please let us know in the comments below!


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  3. I am using the above listed company Tws that supplies drinking water in Islamabad . There quality and service is very good other than some big named companies.

    1. I agree – Culligan’s is excellent – that is why I stole their Quality Control Manager to look after AQUA CASTLE – we maintain the same quality standards using the same imported German additives – the difference is that at 7.8 pH, I have maintained a higher alkalinity level than all other brands – We only serve a small part of Karachi = Defense, Clifton & PECHS = at a very reasonable price of Rs 125 per bottle of 19 liters.


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    1. As far as I know, any water is safe for cooking, mineral water of course. I have not seen perfect bottled water in the whole world but they are better than normal tap water. In cooking you boil water to the point where bacteria can’t exist. So i am sure it will be safe for cooking. If I find anything else about them, will let you know.


    If go on the link above, there are some 33 companies which are selling unsafe drinking water across the country, survey was done in March this year, and sample were collected from 63 companies. As per report published in Daily Dawn only 30 declare as safe for drinking water supplier,

    What about rest of the companies, I am in Karachi and we are drinking Water from Brand Name as VALVIC which is enlisted in your 148 companies but it could get space in either of three categories of PCRWR report viz safe, unsafe and dually unsafe.
    I just want to know if there is any other research please satisfy my curiosities.
    Where this Valvic Brand get position.
    As Volvic is Brand internationally accepted and provider of Mineral Water.


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  8. Please add “OXE WATER” in your above mentioned list. Its a registered brand and approved by PCSIR & Aga khan Lab. Providing quality drinking water and best services to our valued clients.

    1. Aoa, how are you. In which city your factory is working. I want to know that where from you buy pet bottles for water. I am interested to take order of pet bottles from you.
      Please reply

      Khuram Ali Shah

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