List of Banks in Potha Sher (AJK)

Potha Sher is a small village in Tehsil Dadyal of District Mirpur in Azaad Jammu Kashmir, it is located 12kms south of dadyal city on dadyal-Saikh road. It’s located very close to Mangla dam Lake, which makes it a rich in agriculture. Many people make their living through agriculture. Due to its climate this area is rich in fruits like apple & apricot, and these fruits are very famous all over Pakistan. According to the surveys total population of Potha Sher is about 8000, which is growing every year. This area is surrounded by Mangla Dam Lake from 3 sides, which makes it a very pleasant and famous tourist spot. If you are looking for some extreme water sports in AJK, Dadyal is the best destination, many people have adoptred this as a business and earning money from Tourists. There are also few resorts and hotels with proper and well knowledged guide and trainer for all water sports.

Like Most of AJK many people from this village have migrated abroad for a better living. Most of the people have settled in United Kingdom and others choose North America and Australia, they live there to earn money and send that money back to Potha Sher in their home town and invest on the development of their village’s infrastructure, and development. People of this village constructed roads on their own to attract more people in to the valley. Potha Sher is very well connected to the major cities in Southern part of AJK.

Although it’s a small Village in AJK but is very much well developed with the help of locals who have migrated to Britain for better living. These people send money to Potha Sher and invest in better development and infrastructure in their home town. That results in lots of financial transactions like sending money or receiving money in Potha Sher. Following is the list of banks in Potha Sher for such financial transaction:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) 0600 Pothasher Branch, Distt. Mirpur AK 0544-776280 Yes
Allied bank Limited (ABL) 0035 Potha Sher, Tehsil Dadyal Distt. Mirpur A.K. 0308-8823715 Yes

Above is the list of ATM services in Potha Sher. Unfortunately there are no western union services in this village, closest one will be in Dadya.

If you’re from Potha Sher & can share more information like if there’re any other banks, their locations (addresses), phone numbers or anything, please use the comments area so that others can also benefit from it.

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