List of Banks in Mach (Balochistan)

Mach or Mchh is a small city in the district of Bolan in province of Balochistan. The city is also a union council. The city is at almost 1006 meters of altitude. It is situated at 50 kilometres from Quetta. The city is a provincial capital and is situated in stony hills. The city has been divided into three parts which are jail, railway and city. As the city is very small therefore it has only one bazaar. The city is a multicultural ground and people from different tribes and of different languages live together. People from Balochi, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Hazari and Hindu tribes live in the city. There is no native language as people speak different language but Urdu serves as a dialect for inter ethnic communication. There are government and private school for children. The city also has banking facilities. A list of banks in Mach is given below.

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility

National Bank of Pakistan Mach Branch

2137 Property No.4/A & 28/A, Main Bazar, Mach, District Bolan  



Above mentioned is the list of Banks in Mach for ATM services. You can use the ATM facilities to perform withdrawals, cash deposits, funds transfer, or you can also get account information whenever you want.

If you are from Mach and can give any more information for instance the information of any other banks, their addresses, phone numbers or anything, please use the comments section below so that others can also benefit from it as well.


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