List of Banks in Darro (Sindh)

There’s densely populated town located on the left side of the Penjary Canal Ghulam Mohammad Barrage known as Daro. It’s also a union administration of Mirpur Bathoro. Though there has been a surge in the population in the recent years, it has poor education system with only two Primary schools called “Government Primary School of Daro”. There are two separate schools for girls and boys that has been degree college level by the officials. Their names are Government Boys Higher Secondary School Daro and Government Girl High Secondary School Daro. Weather is generally hot and humid in summers and chilly in winters. There are few medical clinics in the town, patients are rushed to the hospitals in the adjoining cities or villages. For money transactions and bill payments following is the list of banks in Darro.

Name of Banks Branch code Address Telephone no. ATM
United Bank Limited 0631 Daro,Teh Mirpur Bathoro Rd, Darro, Thatta, 0298-776033 Yes
Sindh Bank 41 381/A,Ward ,Mirpur Bathoro, Sindh 0298-779124 Yes
National Bank of Pakistan 0035 Eidgah Rd, Muhallah, Mirpur Bathoro, Thatta, sindh 0298-8923021
Zarai Taraqiati Bank of Pakistan Near union council office,Mirpur Bathoro, Thatta, Sindh 0298-779216 Yes

Daro is a populated a town in the District of Thatta (Sindh).It has an increase in population but it awaits proper infrastructure and Bill from government of Sindh.

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