Life on Earth is Going to End a Lot Sooner Than Expected. Here’s Why

Oh here we go again, another devoted environmentalist stressing about the planet being destroyed, the trees being cut down, the water running out, the weathers switching, what’s new? Here’s whats new: The Earth’s climate has changed throughout history, nothing new about that but what is concerning is that fact that the current warming trend, the heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide and other gases was demonstrated in the mid-19th century.

The increase of green-house gases causing the Earth to warm in response having been predicted through Earth-orbiting satellites and other technological advances years ago, and now we see the full effects of the aforementioned predictions in the environment surrounding us.

This increased planetary temperature causing ice cores from Greenland, Antarctica and tropical mountain glacier to melt. And through ancient, or Paleoclimate evidence it is revealed that current global warming is roughly ten times faster that the average rate of recovery since the last ice age, about 7000 years ago.

From global temperature rise to warming oceans, from shrinking ice sheets to glacial retreat, from decreased snow cover to sea levels rising, from declining Arctic sea ice to ocean acidification, the Earth is crying out for help, for this maltreatment to stop before it’s too late; and not since recently but for ages now, ever since man began to take his blessings for granted; but the saddest fact is that the planet is moving so fast towards inevitable ruin that only little can be done now to only hope for a better end, than the one the current state predicts.

It is a very general mentality of man to only care about what’s there at the moment, to leave the worries for the future in the future, but I’m afraid this state of mind isn’t a stable one. While it is a positive approach to live today and not stress about tomorrow, it is also foolish to completely ignore the consequences of our actions made today, that directly influence our results tomorrow.

It’s no secret that we, as mankind, have never thought over the consequences of our actions and what they might trigger in the time to come, and now we fully see the outcome of the said actions. And while I can stress all I want on the causes and what happened when to cause what, I choose to stress over the effects instead because there’s no point in crying over spilled milk.

Taken as a whole, the range of published evidence indicates that the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time.

Said the Intergovernmental Panel, NASA on Climate Change, and while we see the present aftermath, more is yet to come as change will continue throughout this century and beyond, temperatures will continue to rise, frost season and growing season will lengthen, more heat waves and droughts are very likely to happen, and the list goes on.

And while we have endured far too much damage to reverse the effects now, precautions and procedures are still being employed by NASA and other worldly organisations to try and help the global situation as best as they can. And also, while these organisations are working on this, these efforts are useless if the public does not aid and support them, it’s called mother Earth for a reason, it’s your home and your responsibility as much as the next person, regardless of your social or contextual influence, you and your actions do add to the final picture, so next time you’re about to throw a plastic bag out the car window, or deploy waste liquids into clean water stores, do stop and think about this little fact: if there’s no Earth, there’s no you – unless scientists can find a better alternative in time, this planet’s our best bet. Be true to it and be sincere to it, it’s hosting us, and no one tolerates a bad guest for too long.


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