Let’s Face it: We Take Women For Granted Because We Take Their Roles For Granted

People usually say that men and women are designed for different roles, and that each role has its own perks and downsides. There is some truth to the fact that there is a basic feminine and masculine energy surrounding the two genders. But, why does the feminine energy gain less respect than the masculine one? Is it because their roles are seen as inferior? Why are females considered inferior because they stay at home and raise the kids, and manage the whole house and cook dinner. If that job isn’t done, then the husband won’t be able to go out and do his job and their kids won’t be properly cared for. Is that not equally important as bringing in the money?

Women are forced to be dependent on their male relatives because they usually can’t go out and earn money for themselves. But since they are forced into their gender roles, how is the fact that society portrays them as inferior fair?

This whole thing gives rise to a cycle of culture where we take women for granted because we take their traditional ‘roles’ for granted, we don’t think of household work as empowering or even respect it, if we did there won’t be prejudice.

The gender roles shouldn’t be this strict. There should be breathing space for both partners to do things they want to do and are comfortable with. Some women do want to go out and work and we should let them but those who don’t should be given respect. It’s extremely hard to manage the household everyday and ensure your kids are all right. We should give respect and credit where it’s due.


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