Let’s be More Creative In Solving Our Water Problems!

The economy of Pakistan has faced regression in the past government tenures. Still in the current government, it has been facing continuous ups and downs. We have a long way towards a stable Pakistan we wanted. It’ll definitely take more than 5 years. So, hold on to your horses folks!

We need to realize that the progress doesn’t come with hoping that dollar would go down and petrol/gas price doesn’t hike. It doesn’t come along with housing schemes or wishing that CPEC will single-handedly solve all our problems. Though, these events do have some benefit to us, it’s not enough for us to solve our major problems effectively. The most important one being our water problem. Until and unless, we as a nation develop a creative initiative, we can’t solve it all. We need opportunities for our youth, an opportunity to practice this creativity.

A number of youth is selected for student exchange program and it usually requires a creative solution as an audition. So, yes we got the brains just not the tools!

As far as the dams are concerned, we need them to store water in order to store water from excessive rainfall or if a war occurs. At an initial level citizens also face a problem of dirty and sewage water which has become a social problem as it causes diseases.

Some two years back a kid, Ashton Cofer and his FIRST Robotics team won the Google Science Fair for developing a process to convert Styrofoam waste into activated carbon for purifying water. He solved two global problems with one solution. “ak teer sy do Nishany”

To dissolve natural styrofoam, it takes a century and other burning methods are harmful to atmosphere. Ashton introduced a method with balanced chemicals that will help to reuse styrofoam that commonly come with all packaging of electronics and crockery as an equipment to purify water.

If we borrow this idea with full credit to Ashton, It can help many citizens get water from ponds that has become a victim of sewerage, especially in Karachi and minor cities. They can easily purify water that would otherwise go to waste. In Pakistan, this method would solve three problems: 1) Dirty water, 2) Diseases caused by contaminated water and 3) Styrofoam Pollution.

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