Let’s Answer The Elephant In The Room: Do Pakistani Women Get Married As An Escape?

There exist several good reasons why at one point in life, a person decides to tie the knot. Whether it be the need for family, an overall balance in life or to share intimate moments, all our basic human drives for emotional, physical and psychological connection that ultimately lead you to the path of marriage.

And good it is if you find that person whom you are compatible with and with whom you believe, that you could spend a lifetime.

However the big elephant in the room that needs to be answered is : are these the legitimate reasons that we decide it’s time for us to leave our precious parents house?
Of course these rationales play a huge part for the most of us and we are made absolutely sure that we wont be able to survive on our own, or at least that is again, what we are ‘made’ to believe.

However, a general trend has been arising, where marriage almost feels like an escape, a gateway for new freedom new life, a reason for actually wanting to ‘get away’ from your parents or the bounds of your house.

To escape a life you don’t entirely love hoping to conquer the World only after marriage. That it is only after marriage that you can fulfill your actual desires whether it be wanderlust or starting a new venture.

We are made to believe that only marriage makes a women strong enough to become her own independent person.

That’s why we don’t wait until a hardship to actually go out and do something, women who work days trying to be independent and putting their life into some use, are thought of doing it as only a ‘majboori’. Even parents who are keen about a girl’s education, are mostly only so that she has a degree as a Plan B in case there were to be atrocities in her marriage.

What does this dynamic show? Does it somehow represent that marriage has become that key factor that validates literally anything a women wants to do. Forget passion or aspirations..

That’s why women are made to believe that if they really want to live the life they love or long for, they will have to do it with a partner or a guardian and not just hard work, that’s how they rationalize the institution of marriage, which was actually meant to be so much more than what it has unfortunately become, an escape.

The cultural factors play a huge part in making the girl child feel deprived in one way or another, because they do end up getting an exposure of the outside World and know exactly what their worth is, so as long as we’re clear on the fact that the general ‘want’ of being something more exists in women, what if they start finding escapes to fulfill them?

We should try to not treat women as a burden whose life only starts after marriage, if we can make them feel fulfilled and adequate even when they are living at the parents house, so that when and if that time comes when they decide to do it, maybe they’ll choose to get married for all the right reasons.


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