Lesson for Pakistan: America’s Forgotten War

Pakistan has been under pressure by the U.S Government for its role in Afghanistan and dealing with militants. After the countless efforts, U.S has not stopped pushing Pakistan’s limit. We should stand up for our rights and not let any country, including U.S, dictate us.

People speak about America’s military influence on us as well as on other countries. What we don’t know is that they have not been successful in playing military role in many countries. North Korea issue is an example. Ever wondered why North Korea keep standing up against U.S?

We all know about World War 1 and World War 2, we have heard about Afghan War and Iraq War and sometimes we hear about Vietnam War. But we never hear about another war, Korean War. There was a dispute between North and South Korea after Japan was defeated in World War 2. In 1951, another war began between North and South Korea. America and its allies supported South Korea while China and Russia was either directly or indirectly involved with North Korea.

The Korean War, which began on June 25, 1950, when the North Koreans invaded South Korea, officially ended on July 27, 1953. General MacArthur, leader of the United Nations forces, drove the North Koreans back across the divide. After the war, things went back to normal and the way they were before the war had started.
It was a stalemate according to historians as no one achieved anything. Around 34,000 U.S soldiers died in the battle and they also lost big financially. Korean Peninsula is divided with no resolution after the ceasefire. This is only one side of the story and North Korea must have a story as well about the same war.

North Korean 1951 war

North Korean knows what they are capable of and how they had defended themselves in the past. A small country against a super power yet the result was a stalemate.

What we need to learn from it, is that we are self-sufficient, we have resources and strength. We can not only support ourselves financially but we are also capable of looking after our own borders without any foreign interference. There is much wrong in west that we cannot see and this is just an eye opener for now. It is time for Pakistan to respond the same way. We should learn it from past and take other nations as an example. Pakistan is sovereign state and strong enough to defend and strengthen itself without U.S interference.

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