Legendary Theater Artist Applauded for her Performance in Brussels!

The dynamic Art and Thought-International (The Path-International) sorted out a night with incredibly and legendary artist and theater entertainer, Sheema Kermani at Arab Cultural Center, Brussels.

Aside from Pakistani fans, the occasion was attended by a substantial number of Europeans from various walks of life. The blended group of audience applauded the amazing performance on awesome Urdu verse, for example, Dasht-e-Tanhai and Intisab by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Chaddar aur Chaardewaari by Fahmida Riaz.

Sheema Kermani amazed the group of audience for two hours. The program incorporated an introduction by prestigious humanitarian, D. Shershah Syed on Kohi Goth Women’s Hospital and the malady of Fistula. Another special feature of the occasion was the presentation of the photos and statements of Sheema Kermani alongside the display of research study, “Amazing Women of Pakistan”.

The show likewise showed a parallel women’s activist history of Pakistan. The analyst and caretaker of the presentation Shiraz Raj stated, “these pictures tell about the versatility of the ladies of Pakistan.” Prior to the event, the chief of The Path-International Raj said that it was a modest push to demonstrate the dynamic expressions and culture of Pakistan to local Europeans. Paying rich tribute to the individual and aggregate quality of the Pakistani artist, he said that no type of autocracy or constraint could smother the imaginative versatility of Pakistan.

Sheema Kermani stated, “it is essential to join imaginative artists of various societies to each other. We as a whole are occupied with a similar dream of a noble life for everyone”. She also told the crowd concerning her 30 years battle to promote dance and gender equality in fundamentalist society of Pakistan. “I have confronted numerous difficult circumstances particularly after when Zia ul Haq prohibited dance”, she stated, while including: “The general population of Pakistan are not fundamentalist rather they are being caught. It is being forced on them”. With that, she changed the image of our country which seemed restrictive to one which is actually open.


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