Lassi: The Only Good Thing About Summers

The rising temperature has prompted an expansion in offers of the customary yogurt-based drink of the subcontinent Lassi in Pakistan.

A report issued by a private news channel said that lassi is likely a standout amongst the most well known and cherished cool drinks amid the sweltering summers. Lassi was initially made salty, be that as it may, a sweeter form of the drink was later created in urban regions. People in numerous parts of Punjab still incline toward drinking salted lassi.

Guys Lassi Season is Back and We All are Thrilled!

Salted lassi is a customary Punjabi drink yet it is prominent nationwide.

There is an assortment of kinds of the drink in Punjab including paira lassi, barfi lassi and now organic product seasoned lassi as people have begun adding mangoes and strawberries to the drink,” said a proprietor of a lassi shop.

Guys Lassi Season is Back and We All are Thrilled

People need sweet lassi and a kulcha or paratha loaded down with chicken or mince for breakfast. Numerous individuals have salted lassi with every one of the three suppers amid the summers.

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A client Usman Ikram said lassi is sufficiently rich to substitute a dinner. The cutting edge adaptation of lassi incorporates numerous organic products like mango lassi, strawberry lassi however they resemble smoothies, said another client.  As indicated by nutritionist Huma Usman, lassi is a solid summer drink as it is useful for the stomach related problems.

As it is originated from yogurt, it mitigates the stomach related tract, advances stomach related proteins and helps in processing, Usman clarified. Lassi, being rich in supplements, fills in as a probiotic, decreases cholesterol and enhances digestion, she included.

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