Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project

Orange Line or Lahore metro train project is an under-development fast travel line being constructed as a component of the Lahore Metro, in Lahore, Pakistan. The Orange Line will be Pakistan’s first present day rail-based mass travel system and will be a completely robotized and driver less system. It will be Lahore’s second quick travel line, after the Lahore Metro Bus, which was finished in 2013.

The Orange Line is the first of the three proposed rail lines of the proposed Lahore Metro. Lahore orange line route traverses 26.23 km (16.3 mi). 24.38 km (15.1 mi) of the line is to be elevated, while 1.15 km (0.7 mi) km will be underground and 0.7 km (0.4 mi) of track will be laid in the move zone among underground sections. Passengers will be served by 26 stations that altogether are designed to deal with 250,000 travelers in a day. Metro train Lahore project map can be viewed from its official website.

The venture was started with a mutual understanding  between governments of Pakistan and China in May 2014. Financing for the venture was secured in December 2015 when China’s Exim Bank consented to give a credit of $1.55 billion for the project. Construction at the venture started in October 2015. This venture is under development and is expected to be finished by October 2019.

Habib Construction Services was granted the principal Phase of common works in October 2015 for 21.49 billion rupees. In October 2016, Phase 2 of the venture was granted to ZKB Engineers and Constructors and the construction from Chauburji and Ali Town costs 11.39 billion rupees.

The transit system is expected to change and revolutionize travelling experience of Lahore citizens.

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