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He is a very key member of the mutahidda quomi movement party (MQM) and has been very much involved in the party influence in Sindh . He is an elected member of the National assembly .

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Age of Kunwar Naveed Jamil

His age is not available. Kunwar jamil ahmed was his father.

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Education Kunwar Naveed Jamil

Has a very well educated background which proves his credentials as a strong member of the party .
He has the degree of BSc . Then he went on complete his LLB which is prove enough of his educated background. He is lawyer by profession.

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Kunwar Naveed Jamil’s Political Career

His political career began in 2002 when he joined mutahida quomi movement party (MQM) and the party showed trust in him and allowed him to contest elections . Being his first time he was successful and managed to win the seat of MPA.

Then in 3 years in 2005, he left his position as an MPA and got the position of Mayor of district Hyderabad .
Then in 2015 , when by elections were held in NA 246 constituency, he was selected by the party to contest for that seat and he didn’t disappoint his again and was comfortably able to win in the elections

Contacting Kunwar Naveed Jamil

Permanent Address : H.No.160, Block-B, Latifabad, Hyderabad



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