Kulsoom Nawaz Passed Away

Kulsoom Nawaz the wife former prime minister Nawaz Sharif passed away on 9th September at the age of 68, confirmed the brother in law Shahbaz Sharif.

Earlier today Kulsoom Nawaz was shifted on ventilator due to her deteriorating health caused by a developed lung problem at London’s Harley Street Clinic.

The three time former first lady, Begum Kulsoom Nawaz was under treatment for lymphoma since 2017. She went through couple of surgeries and has gone through at least five chemotherapies. In 2018 June she suffered a cardiac arrest and went in comma. She was kept on ventilator, the condition was fragile but it was reported that she gained conscious again.

Rumors revolved that the fragile health report of Kulsoom Nawaz is to gain sympathies for elections and her death has once again bought the twitter Jihadis to life.

jailed for being strong to handle?
Twitter summed up!

Kulsoom Nawaz’s husband Nawaz Sharif, daughter Maryam Nawaz and son in law Capt Safdar are currently serving prison in case of extreme corruption. It is reported that the husband and daughter would be granted temporary bail to attend the funeral of the deceased.

Kulsoom Nawaz is widely recognized for her bold role against Musharraf’s regime after which almost all the member of Sharif khandan and family were arrested. Begum Nawaz and her daughters were also under house arrest. She had a master degree in Urdu from the University of Punjab and often wrote speeches for her husband. Begum was the greatest political support for her husband. May her soul rest in Peace.

At this hour of grief we must refrain ourselves from implying judgement that this is the reason for the unjust of what the Nawaz family did. Pious or sinner both, mortals are destined to turn to Allah and none the mortals can decide why one faced such fate.


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